bergère de france drawing (2011)

This series of three drawings is unfinished. It’s created and grows from the pattern published in knitting magazines.///// These geometrical and coded diagrams hang on a double-page to speak closely to ones that have been already introduced to the world of knitting. At the same time abstract yet with precised shape, the patterns prompts analogy and imagination to find them a reason of being- an hidden message- an interpretation to these data.///// These drawings are representations of one mind. Using crayons to color these everyday objects, they are converted into objects one wants to contemplate. These diagrams draw a theoretical view of what surrounds us, leading the artist to the researcher and the scientist. A skeletal structure collection for countryside made of wool-these drawings propose with simple means, a cold, two-dimensional world with little attraction.

Series of 3 framed drawings
Coloured pencil, printing laser, normal paper. 52 x72 cm