issue project sculpture (2012)

Issue Project arise from the meeting of two stories bound of the marshes used for vegetable farming in Amiens. The one is fictional and is pulled by the tale Christmas of Hortillons de F. Toussaint which tells the existence of an underwater world. Other one joined physically between swamps and paths leaving for track a dense iconography on machines serving to extract the peat in the XXth century.////////Built around the object slide, taking back at the same time by the childish character of the tale and the idea to dive, to fetch under the water, this sculpture rose on rails as were it the crawler tractors of peat bogs. Overhanging the slums, this sculpture plays so much with the place that it moves from part the difficulty defining in brief this object and its function. Issue Project invites the walker to cross it of the glance, but the path stops at the idea of dashing and diving into shady waters of marshes. The imagination then takes over, to whom or in which addresses this machine the impressive scale? I propose through Issue Project, to conceive a singular sculpture, a kind of door of an aquatic world of swamps. Mixture of collective imagination and of past of the place, it transforms an object of the everyday life into a poetic element of a "machine" to travel.

Wood, metal, slide. 8x2x5 m