Obedience to work sculpture (2011)

Obedience to work is a sculpture-painting. It confronts the history (or story) of color in painting
and its attachment system, ready-made and the use of an object as a sculpture. It offers several
interpretations by presenting a display of assorted objects and dialogue forms,
color and meaning is created between them. Obedience to work as the title suggests
several household items are handled with care. By organizing these objects on the
wall and insulating them on a blue background reminiscent of religious paintings, this work speaks of a
work of art as a decorative object, functional and less as an exceptional object, of
celebration or an icon. It seeks to create a space for mediation and meeting where each person
may question his attraction to an object, as a weapon to take to look at what surrounds us.

Varied objects, painting. 60 x 105 cm