Diving Board for an Interior sculpture (2011)

Diving board for an interior is a sculpture which could add to the décor in a living room. It could also be used on occasion as a torturing board or as a springboard to contemplate our reflection in the tiled floor. //////// The Emptiness that is a recurring theme in the History of Art is at question here. But more precisely, the anxiety and the faintness it provokes is the real issue. Forced or voluntary, the jump materialized by this work is ironic, fake and at the same time real. ////////The stairs, covered by a cozy carpet invite us to take a leap into the unknown. This red carpet welcomes us as if we were a celebrity. But behind the attraction and the excitement provoked by this color can hide a sign of danger.//////// Everything in this sculpture is built on a principle of duality : to jump or to give up, to face our loneliness or to ignore it, to be the executioner or the victim.


Wood, carpet. 3,5x0,42x0,5 m