Skull Island installation (2013)

“And if the beginning was not the word "is the assumption, becoming here the pre-text to reread the story of King Kong and his relationship with contemporary man. On Skull Island, the fictional island where the monster gorilla lives, man has altered the rules controlling this ancient ecosystem unleashing the animal. This installation, reflecting a colouring picture for children with naïve strokes, a fragment of the story, shows the beast captured by man, the beasts eyes fixed on a pile of banana shaped candy. While the story takes a different direction. The duality is not only between primates and Homo sapiens, it must relate to the fruits of greed. The image and the subject, both present in a child’s imagination, blend fiction to disturb their reality. From these two elements, united by the red of the shelf, a new version is born less historic than strange and comical.

colouring picture, banana shaped candy, shelf 80 x 30 cm