plainpalais insta†lation (2010)

This « door » gives access to an underground passage, to a space buried under the plain of Plainpalais. It is an initiation in to imaginingwhat is behind the urban scene, what hides behind a well-ordered, regulated space, in which the use and the behavior of these users is defined in advance. Realities intersect and overlap around this plain of Plainpalais and this door is here to mark the coexistence of two different realities, one that we give us to see and one that makes it exist. It plays the role here of a shifter of/an exchange between / a barrier between possible fictions. //////// The site is a temporary zone of transition through which it is possible to perceive these realities, a type of ephemeral rainbow between the sun and the rain.

Watertight, metallic circle, steering wheel, digital code, buttons, handle. 97x 45 cm