Vs Park sculpture (2012)

Covering approximately 20m2 on the ground and slightly raised by a wooden board, a sculpture, made with cages, tubes, spheres, cubes etc... colored and translucent plastic self propogates. A network of several levels, happy organized chaos, is created by assembling elements originally used for the housing environment of rodents, "imitating the natural environment of the animal". By this pop and cold construction, I devised an idea for after the apocalypse this would be a new world. Presented here, as a scale model, it promises to carry out the dreams of change and freedom which liven up any radical upheaval. It adorns itself with an attractive appearance to take the eye and to get lost in its claustrophobic modules. This construction made with industrial objects becomes disturbing and strange by its distribution./////// This work also speaks about sculpture as a domestic object included in a place of life, its first definition.

Cage for rodent, wood. 5m of diameter

photos Mauve Serra